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Formula 1

Formula 1 High Performance Auto Care Products offer a solution to every auto cleaning and protecting need.
Inside or outside, Formula 1 will help you clean, shine and protect your vehicle with products that are fast and easy to use.
Formula 1 wax products feature Carnauba Wax - the world's hardest natural wax - that shines up to 12 months.
Use Formula 1 for the longest-lasting shine
and protection.

Original Made in USA.


Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax is a manufacturer of automotive appearance products. The company's primary product lines include cleaning and polishing products for cars including glass, painted surfaces, uncoated metals, leather, wheels, and tires, for both the retail consumer and professional detailer markets. Turtle Wax also offers automotive performance chemicals such as engine treatment products and formula oils. Car wash and car de tailing supplies are a proud tradition at Turtle Wax, the number 1 supplier of car wash, car detailing and car care products.


Care for your car with CarPlan, the UK's largest manufacturer of car care products. Their brands include T-Cut, Triplewax, Liquid Gold, Wonder Wheels, Demon Shine, Flash Dash, Blue Star


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